John Mayer's Music Takes a Backseat to His Love Life
The talented crooner is known more for his love life than his music these days.

Remember the days when John Mayer was talked about on music networks and radio stations for being a talented musician that was able to perfectly blend pop/rock/blues music into one,  creating his own unique sound by doing so? Songs such as “Your Body is a Wonderland,” “Waiting on the World to Change,” and “Daughters” garnered him more than just critical acclaim.

They also resulted in winning various prestigious awards musicians dream of winning (i.e. The Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in 2003,) developing a huge fan base, as well as being played on radio stations all across the nation. John Mayer’s name is still a topic of discussion, but for all the wrong reasons. Rather than people/critics talking about how innovative of a musician he is, he has been stricken with the Kardashian-itis: being talked about because of who he was seen kissing or what female celebrity was caught leaving his hotel room in the A.M.

To help prove my point, here’s a question to ask yourself: What was the name of John Mayer’s last album? The answer is: you probably can’t remember off the top of your head or when did his last album even come out, let alone the name of it. Then if I was to ask you which female celebrity he was spotted being affectionate with in Los Angeles last week, many people would know the answer is Katy Perry. The pictures have been plastered on various tabloids and serving as hot topic on television shows such as Extra and Access Hollywood. Perry is no stranger to having her relationships being covered by the media either. Last year, she went through a public divorce, when she and not so funny man Russell Brand split.

She is the latest in a long list of female singers/actresses Mayer has been romantically linked to. He’s dated the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and now Katy Perry. His love life started becoming a staple in tabloids and gossip sites when he was photographed out and about with former pop sensation, Jessica Simpson, back in 2006. Ever since, he’s graced the cover of magazines like US Weekly with captions of this nature: Is Jessica Pregnant? Have John and Jen Spilt? Is Taylor’s new song about John Mayer? Things only got worse when he decide to speak and make explicit comments about exes, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston in the April 2010 edition of Playboy magazine.

However, just how did his talent take a backseat to his love life? Someone as talented as John Mayer should stay in the studio and out of the gossip columns. Tragic!