Peanut Gallery Roundup: Royal Pain in the Ass, Kanye's Idol Rumors, LL Cool J Beats Up Burglar
This week in celebrities!

Reports surfaced a few days ago that Nicki Minaj will be a member of the judges' panel on American Idol. Now rumor has it "Louis Vuitton Don" Kanye West might be joining her and Mariah Carey. [Huffington Post]

A burglar broke into LL Cool J's home in California, looking to steal cash, jewelry and other valuable goods. Instead he was knocked out, courtesy of the legendary MC. [HipHopDX]

 Now that Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte is done vying for gold medals, will he be after women's hearts on "The Bachelor?" [Perez Hilton]

Legendary NFL player going from being remembered for bruising quarterbacks to baking cakes with Kelly Ripa. [Broadcast & Cable]

Bart Simpson the next Belieber?! The pop sensation tweets that he will be lending his voice to the longest running cartoon in history --then deletes it shortly after. [Perez Hilton] 

The headaches continue for the British royal family as their most infamous wild child, Prince Harry, bares it all while partying in Vegas. [TMZ]

Grand Theft Lindsery? The owner of the home in the Hollywood Hills where Lindsay Lohan recently partied is claiming that various pieces of jewelry have gone missing. The suspects are believed to be two men that Lindsay brought to the party. SHOCKING! [What Would Tyler Durden Do]