Paris Hilton's Tone-deaf Voice to Deafen World Indefinitely
Paris (and only Paris) realizes her calling in life is music.

It seems that music fans' worst nightmare prayers have been answered! Socialite and famous for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING personality, Paris Hilton, is determined to make an impact on today's music scene.

She announced earlier this year she's been hard at work on a new album, which we are all sure will be a masterpiece, just like the rest of her previous work. Paris is going for an electro/pop sound and who better to catapult her singing career than world famous DJ and rumored (ex) boyfriend, Afrojack, who is currently producing tracks for her new album.  Not only does she plan to bless music fans with her vocals, she's also preparing to become a disc jockey and has been cast to play the lead female in K-Pop singer Kim Jang Hoon's next music video.

Hoon's reps have their fingers crossed that this dumbest idea EVER  well-calculated move  will help him break into the music scene in the states. Other Hollywood starlets such as Honey actress, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson were also being considered.

The music video won't just be another dull display with a half naked girl dancing around, it will be a groundbreaking one [head scratch] because it is going to be shot in 3D, y'all!

Luckily for Paris she was able to beat out A-list actresses and land a gig that is bound to solidify her spot in music history. Grammy award time!

Check out Paris' ground-breaking DJ debut below.