Ryan Gosling for Christian Grey
Who will take the sexy lead role?


Anyone who’s read the sexy and controversial Fifty Shades series has their own theory on who should play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. At first, I was certain that Josh Duhamel and Anne Hathaway were ideal but then I read about another potential pairing that took my big screen cake, Ryan Gosling and the doughy wide eyed English actress, Felicity Jones of Like Crazy. In my book (literally), these two would make sequel after sequel magic. Buh-bye K-Stew.

According to reports, Gosling is a lead candidate to take on the dominant, S&M sex driven character. Though author E.L. James insists, no ones been chosen yet. James also says she may or may not have someone in mind for the steamy role, but declines to name names as she insists it’s far too early in the process.

Who would you pick as the lead for this seductive novel series blockbuster debut? Leave your comments in the box below.