Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together?
The hit "S&M" singer might be putting her words to the test
















Through the course of the past year, it seems like at any point there would be a headline that came out of the woodwork that read 'Chris Brown and Rihann Reunite.'  Well folks, following weeks of rumors, it appears that today is that day.  

People began to talk when the two began recording songs together and it continued when they were seen vacationing together in the South of France.  But people are definitely talking now after Chris Brown was seen leaving Rihanna's hotel yesterday, the same day which it was announced that Brown and (now former girlfriend) Karrueche Tran were calling it quits.

But actually, it doesn't end there, the couple (that's it- I'm saying it) was spotted earlier this week at the Griffin nightclub in Manhattan's West Village.  Although they both had seperate tables initially, they began dancing together which evolved into kissing and eventually dissapearing into a body-guard-protected bathroom together for a fairly good amount of time (uhhhh-huh).

After the 2009 incident which lead the couple (and RiRi's face) to split, it seems hard to imagine the two would ever even talk to each other again.  Especially after 'Breezy' just got a neck tattoo of womans face that resembled Rihanna after she was beaten.  However, they were spotted again earlier this week at NYC nightclub 1Oak and then yet again on what would appear to have been a date during a Jay-Z concert in Brooklyn's new stadium, the Barclays Center.

We can only wonder what's in store for the singers in the future but for now, let em live.