Check Out Hilarious Video of Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling on Jimmy Kimmel

Will Ferrell. Enough said. Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling. An even better combination. Both of these guys doing a hilarious skit on Jimmy Kimmel, the ultimate hilarious triple-threat. Last Wednesday, January 9th marked Jimmy Kimmel's new timeslot on Wednesdays at 11:35p.m., and his opening monologue was crashed by funny man, Will Ferrell, who claimed he used the studio every Wednesday at 11:30 to sell knives on QVC.

A special guest also joined in, Ryan Gosling, who brought a variety of items like applesauce and cottage cheese to help out his buddy sell some knives. The clip is pretty funny and Kimmel also brings the laughs when he lets Ferrell finish his skit.

Watch the clip below and see for yourself!