Tommy Lee Jones' Grumpy Face Goes Viral
The funny twosome, Kristen Wiig And Will Ferrell present at Golden Globes leaving the actor not so impressed

Last night marked the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards and it was quite a show. Django Unchained won big, Adele now has a Golden Globe to add to her Grammy collection, and Ben Affleck won the coveted 'Best Director' award. Funny gal hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were spot on hysterical but it was one actor (thanks to Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig) who is going viral.

The hilarious duo were up to present the award for 'Best Actress' and had the entire room seriously LOL- ing as they went back and forth to desribe each of the movies the actresses were nominated for. However, one actor wasn't too impressed with the pair. In the video below, you can see Tommy Lee Jones'  totally unamused facial expression as the camera cuts to him when Wiig and Ferrell are describing Meryl Streep's role in "Hope Springs," in which he stars in as well. That's right, he's even trending on Twitter with the hastag #tommyleejonesisnotimpressed.