Justin Bieber's Funniest Moments on SNL
The Biebs is all the buzz since his hosting gig on SNL

Justin Bieber hosted SNL this past Saturday (Feb. 9) and his debut was very sucessful with a lot of laughs. Justin proved that he could make us laugh and croon us with one of his love songs. He has some pretty memorable sketches that poked fun at some of the issues going on in his personal life. The Biebs was a good sport however and proved he is a champ. Here are some of the best moments of the show.




1. His opening monologue poked fun at the fact that February is the month of love, Valentine's Day. Since Justin just got out of a very serious relationship, he used Black History Month and the romantic holiday to show he has a funny side.

2. Another funny sketch parallel to Valentine's day, showed us Justin's plans for the big day which included champagne he is not old enough to buy yet and a naughty racy photo he sends to his "true valentine" Hilary Clinton.


3. One controversial issue he joked about was his alleged marijuana use. He, along with Vanessa Bayer' s Miley Cyrus character, pokes fun at himself, playing a Miley fan boy, where he called himself "a douche." 

4. Another favorite was his part in "The Californians" skit. 

5. Justin also was adorable as a nerd. Check him out!