Katy Perry and John Mayer No More












When we all thought Katy Perry and John Mayer would make sweet music together forever, the couple, who have broken up once before have again split. The couple, once in good spirits during awards season, were publicly photographed numerous times in the last few months at high profile events. Lately thought there have been clues indicating an impending breakup. 

Sources tell People Magazine that the couple are spending significant time apart. Perry has been in L.A. while Mayer has been in his adopted state of Montana. Perry also tweeted a very sad and angry link to a song that says lyrics like, "I want you so much, but I hate your guts I hate you." If that is not a sure clue she is upset over the relationship we don't know what is. Sources also say she has become withdrawn from her social circle.

We hope this is just another breakup to makeup for these two but if it's not meant to be then we are sure these two will find love and happiness on their own terms.