Zachary Quinto Dishes in Manhattan Magazine
The actor talks about his Star Trek role, American Horror Story and more

Zachary Quinto graces the cover of the April edition of Modern Luxury's Manhattan Magazine in the annual men's issue. The star actor dicusses his role in Star Trek Into Darkness, American Horror Story, and more. Some of it might even shock you! For example, Quinto states, "I'd love to go on the record and say I'd love to do a romantic comedy." Gasp! We would love to see Quinto play a nice, romantic character for a change. Although we did love his dark and devious ways in AHS and Heroes.

Speaking of which, Quinto insists that there are no plans for him to join American Horror Story for season three. "That's the nature of the show," he explains. "It's okay to disappear and then show up again." We sincerely hope he will resurface a la Taissa Farmiga for this series. We can't picture it without him. Additionally, Quinto will be reprising his role as Spock in Star Trek Into Darkness. Co-star Zoe Saldana says, "Zach isn’t afraid to play a villain, or a psychopath, or a ghost. Usually, these are the characters that scare actors because of the complexities they possess, that sort of layered psychological demeanor...but Zach approaches these characters with so much ease that you feel inspired when you work with him. He’s so talented, super committed to his craft...and funny as hell.” Well, gosh, what a sweet sentiment. I bet he's blushing wherever he is. But hey, we like him, too!

To check out the full interview with Zachary, make sure to pick up a copy of the mag when it hits stores tomorrow!