Taylor Swift Purchases New Home In CASH
Singer-songwriter shells out a fortune for Rhode Island Mansion

Taylor Swift certainly isn't suffering from the financial crisis! The 23 year-old "Red" singer was spotted touring the 16-bedroom beachfront mansion, pictured above, with her parents and brother. With 11,000 square feet of space, Taylor's new home has a swimming pool and a gym in addition to eight bedrooms! Paying $17.5 million dollars cash for the New England home, this is the fifth property she's bought since breaking onto the country music scene with her first big hit "Tim McGraw." Her other three purchases were a penthouse and mansion in Nashville, TN and another home in Beverly Hills, CA.

She recently sold her mansion in Massachusetts, which she bought to be closer to her former boyfriend, Conor Kennedy. No news on whether or not this recent purchase is also to be closer to a new man. Taylor has reportedly been single since breaking up with One Direction boybander Harry Styles, so maybe this purchase was just because she loves the East Coast!