Reese Witherspoon Opens Up About Arrest
Actress talks DUI incident with Good Morning America

Reese Witherspoon finally put the record straight about her run-in with police after her husband, agent Jim Toth, was pulled over by Atlanta officers and tested for driving under the influence. Good Morning America wasted no time Thursday morning, introducting Witherspoon and immediately asking her about the incident, which put the actress's position as America's Sweetheart at risk.

She admitted that she'd 'had one too many glasses of wine,' but despite that, she and Toth had decided to drive. She apologized, stating that their decision had been 'unacceptable' and that they'd 'made a mistake.' Despite this, she kept her responses light, laughing a little when she admitted she'd been out of line and just panicked, even telling the police she was pregnant when she wasn't.

Witherspoon seems genuinely embarrassed by her mistakes, and even talked to her children about her behavior, so maybe her arrest was as out-of-charactered as it seemed!

Below is the clip from Good Morning America: