Orange is to Skin Color as Rapper is to Career Choice
Tanning Mom banks yet another epic fail with her latest music venture

As if instituting a tanning regiment that produced a skin color easier found in a box of Crayola crayons than nature wasn't enough, Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil, has found a way to trump her ridiculousness. In a pathetic attempt to add 30 seconds to her 15 minutes of fame, Krentcil has released a rap single entitled “It’s Tan Mom!”

Written and co-produced by singer Adam Bartais, “It’s Tan Mom!” begins with what has become a signature of terrible music, an idiotic proclamation of the track's feature followed by profanity. Sadly, It's Tan mom, bitch! proves to be the highlight of the song, as it’s downhill from there for both the listener’s ability to survive the length of the track and seemingly Krentcil’s sobriety. Slurred, off-beat lyrics couple with amateur dance craze rhythms to create arguably the worst song to ever hit the airwaves.

"It’s Tan Mom!" is now available on iTunes for your listening displeasure. Assuming she keeps with her apparent quest to become repulsive to all five senses, be on the lookout for Tan Mom charred meat Scratch and Sniffs coming to a Target near you.

Krentcil initially gained media attention back in April 2012 for taking her then 5-year old daughter to a New Jersey tanning salon.