It’s a Girl...and a Ratings Booster!
An expecting Kim Kardashian finally confirms the sex of her child

The Kardashian clan reached new levels of ridiculousness as they premiered Season 8 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Sunday night on E! Fans were treated to the seemingly inevitable Bruce Jenner prison break and likely the beginning of the end of his marriage to Kris, a Kourtney K-style stance for women’s equality in the world of anal sex, and apparent new cast member and eye candy, Brandon Jenner. However, the episode, similar to the world from her perspective, was centered on Kim and her pregnancy fears and anxieties.

Remodeling her first home with boyfriend Kanye West, while dealing with the possibility of having their child still legally married to another man (Kris Humphries), appeared to be too much for the reality starlet who seemed to be unraveling in front of the cameras. Insert Mommy Dearest and Kimmy cheerleader Kris Jenner, an overcrowded examination room, and an ultrasound revealing it’s a girl, and a somber Kim is instantly transformed to an excited mom-to-be. If only the excitement stemmed from the prospect of having a daughter and not a newsworthy topic for her Twitter feed, this moment had all the potential to offer a rare and refreshing glimpse of actual real life.

In any case, congratulations to KimYe and the entire Kardashian tribe on the impending addition and kudos to E! producers on successfully scripting a happily ever after to the episode. Contrary to popular belief, not even a Kardashian can make the evolution of post-partum depression entertaining.

Keeping up with the Kardashians airs every Sunday at 9pm EST on E!