The Kardashian's Sue Their Father's Widow
After years of false accusations coming from their stepmother the Kardashian family takes action!

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we witnessed Kris Kardashian’s frustrations over the claims that the widow of her ex-husband Rob Kardashian has made! Back in the beginning of 2013, Robert Kardashian’s widow Ellen Pearson sold what she claimed to be his personal diaries to the tabloids. And those alleged "diaries" of his include passages stating Kris had abused the girls when they were younger and other monstrous qualities we definitely don’t see on the show!

When the Kardashians got a hold of this news they were infuriated as we witnessed on last night’s episode of the show. Backing up their mother and stating that the accusations are completely false! Ellen was the same one who told the tabloids that Khloe Kardashian is not Robert’s biological daughter, which also was not true!

On the show the girls state that they have been dealing with the ex’s shenanigans since Robert’s passing which was TEN YEARS ago and are completely fed up! Ellen, who married Robert literally two weeks before his death from esophageal cancer, wouldn’t even let Kris sit with her children at the funeral.

In the episode Kim and Khloe fight back by sneakily hiring a private investigator—true Kardashian style, might we add—and found out that their stepmother has not only been married five times but has also filled bankruptcy twice.

In the confessional segment Kim shared her thoughts, “I’m not really surprised when I hear this woman has filed bankruptcy a couple times. I mean, it’s obvious motivation for her to want to sell stories. We’re definitely going to do something to stop it and that’s that.”

With this information the Kardashian clan have decided to sue Ellen Pearson. The family's lawyer even told them they had a very good shot at proving reckless disregard for the truth and malice. Kris who’s known for her normally calm composure on the show had a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the episode. We couldn’t help but feel for her with all that hurt in her face. We believe you’re a good mom, Kris! And as Kim said “...The slippery snake has been served.”