Jane Lynch to Divorce
Actress ending three-year marriage

Glee actress Jane Lynch is sadly ending her three-year marriage to Dr. Laura Embry, a clinical psychologist. The two wed in an intimate ceremony in Massachusetts in 2010, where same-sex marriage was legalized in 2004. They met a year earlier at a California fundraiser where Embry was being honored; the marriage was the first for both. The soon-to-be exes are residents of California, where their union is not legal, but in spite of this minor snafu, it is likely that the state will still dissolve the marriage, as California recognizes legal marriages from other states.

There's been no word on what caused the split, but Jane released a statement saying, "Laura and I have decided to end our marriage. This has been a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another." She also asked for privacy during this tough time. 

This divorce comes as a shock, since Lynch previously seemed so in love with her wife. She said of
their marriage: "I shouldn't say this, but I'd never dated anyone that I wanted to marry. I didn't think it was going to be out there for me." She is also very close with Embry's daughter Haden, saying that "I am surprised how much love you feel and how you would do anything for your children." Hopefully the couple can maintain an amiable relationship for the sake of Haden!