Are Miley and Justin Hooking Up?
Pop superstars rumored to be doing more than just making music

Is Miley Cyrus officially moving on to another...man? TMZ published pictures of the "We Can't Stop" songstress spending time with Justin Bieber this weekend. The two were spotted  clubbing at the Beacher's Madhouse in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, which is reportedly one of Miley's favorite hangouts. The former Disney star hasn't been shy about her love of partying, so seeing her out and about is no surprise, but Justin being along for the ride was! There are reports of the two flirting, which adds weight to the speculation that Miley is officially done with fiance Liam Hemsworth

What's even more suspicious about the meeting is that Miley arrived before 2am, and only stayed for about fifteen minutes before leaving with the "Believe" singer. Justin barely clocked in ten minutes at the club himself, since he arrived after Miley. The two also left together, which has only led to further speculation about their relationship. Was the club a designated meeting spot in hopes of avoiding rumors? If so, then leaving after only a few minutes has added fuel to the fire. 

Now there's even more reports of the two hanging out on their off-time, with Justin's Audi spotted at Miley's house on Saturday, June 8th. This car isn't exactly inconspicuous—it's leopard-printed.

On Wednesday afternoon Miley made her position clear, stating to Hot 99.5 in Washington, DC, “I’m engaged. I’m engaged. [It's] impossible." 

So maybe Justin and Miley really are just recording a single together. Or it could be as simple her being there for him after his break up with Selena Gomez; Miley has been friends with Justin for years, and appeared on his Never Say Never concert film. Justin is officially done with Selena (for now), so maybe Miley provided a shoulder to cry on.