Beyoncé's Body is Altered Again!
This time Roberto Cavalli is the culprit

Leave Beyoncé's curves alone!

The singer hasn't been shy about demanding that her famous body remain intact, fighting back against H&M when it tried to present photoshopped images of her for their new ad campaign. Bey won out that time, and both her and the clothing giant were reportedly pleased with the end result, but this time she must not have had a say.

Roberto Cavalli's most recent press release showcases an illustration of the stunning gown the fashion house designed for Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter Tour. They used what looks to be a picture of Mrs. Carter herself as a basis for the sketch, but the photo has clearly been altered, giving Bey Barbie-like proportions. The end result isn't flattering, the singer's hips and bust practically nonexsistent, and her legs and arms are disturbingly long and skinny. Even her skin has been altered, the end result producing an unnatural glow. She doesn't even entirely look human, and if this were a simple drawing of the dress the proportions might be acceptable, but someone clearly thought Beyoncé needed a slim-down. 


Hopefully Roberto Cavalli releases a statement soon explaining the gaffe and issues an apology to Bey for insulting her figure!

Below is a photo of how Beyoncé' actually looks in the dress. A vast improvement don't you think?