2 Chainz Arrested on Drug Charges
Rapper 2 Chainz arrested at LAX after marijuana & antihistamine laced with codeine is found in bag!

Looks like rapper 2 Chainz hasn’t had the best of luck within these past two weeks! Just days ago he was robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco. But now the “Birthday Cake” rapper has to deal with more legal issues such as...getting arrested!

Tuesday afternoon 2 Chainz was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after authorities allegedly found him carrying not just marijuana, but also a bottle of antihistamine laced with codeine! At around 1pm, airport security discovered the illegal items allegedly packed in the MC’s checked bags after a call was made to investigate for narcotics in the baggage area.

The 35-year old rapper, whose birth name is Tauheed Epps had already boarded the plane but was pulled off the airplane and arrested on the spot due to suspicions of a controlled substsance. 2 Chainz was taken to the LAPD Pacific Division and allegedly booked without incident. Let's just say this isn’t the rappers first time encountering arrest issues when it comes to marijuana, last Valentine's Day the "G.O.O.D Music" rapper was arrested but released with a criminal citation. Well, hopefully the lucky leprechaun decides to pop up and share some luck with 2 Chainz because boy does he need some luck getting out of this one!