Amanda Bynes Offered a Record Deal!
The retired Hollywood actress and aspiring rapper Amanda Bynes offered a record deal with Chinga Chang Records!

It looks like former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes is finally going to make her dream of going from actress to rapper come true. The retired actress was offered a record deal with a small East Coast hip-hop label to release her first album!

The record label of interest? Chinga Chang Records, a small New York-based group that was founded in 2003. Music Producer Daniel Herman shared with RadarOnline that he had proposed a record deal offer to Ms. Bynes. Daniel states, “I cleared the project with The Orchard and Sony Entertainment and they gave me the green light to go ahead.” He then reached out to the aspiring rapper’s attorneys out in Los Angeles to get the contract signed. If you follow Amanda on Twitter you know when she’s not busy bashing other celebrities she’s tweeting about her desire of becoming a hip-hop star!

In a phone call with Huffington Post, Daniel goes more in depth sharing why he’s interested on signing the bizzare star to the label. Daniel continued on to explain his pending business deal with Amanda stating that “right now you have a Nickelodeon pop star masquerading as a gangster rapper. So I see someone like Amanda Bynes and I know she has talent. I grew up with Nick and the orange couch. I know she has talent. I've heard her sing when she was younger. I wanna get her in the cutting room in NYC and see what she has. Why the hell not?"

The music producer also declares, “If you look at her actions and attitude she represents hip-hop a lot better than Drake. Musically, this girl carries herself. She is hip-hop...She is not crazy, she is not on drugs. She's just hip-hop! She's a great talent who is going to make some great records with some classic producers.”

Better than Drake? We know the Easy A actress has PLENTY of feelings toward Drake, good and bad, depending on her mood that day. So it looks that Daniel Herman is saying all the right things to get our budding hip-hop star on board. Although there has yet to be a confirmation that Amanda has signed a contract, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her a part of the Chinga Chang Crew!