Girls Cast Changes For Season 3
Actor leaves show over creative differences

Girls creator Lena Dunham made it clear she does not rely on her cast of male actors, nor does she buckle when it comes to decisions about her show's characters. Former castmember Christopher Abbott left the show after the close of Season 2, for seemingly that reason. "As far as his character, he wasn't behind where it was going to end up," a source told Us Weekly earlier this month.

Dunham responded to these changes, saying if the show relied on guys they'd be "up a creek without a paddle." But with Abbott playing a key supporting role, electing to quit leaves fans wondering what his issue was with what Dunham planned for his character? Now that he's left the show, viewers may never know. 

Abbott played the character Charlie, a key male supportig role in Seasons 1 and 2 of the hit show. As the on again off again boyfriend to Marnie, played by Allison Williams, his unexpected depature may impact the direction of her character the most. As last season closed with vulnerable performances from both Williams and Abbott, fans expected the rekindled relationship would be a part of Marnie's continued storyline.

Williams told TV Line that Abbott leaving would have a "huge effect" on Girls, but she is confident that Dunham and the writers "would come up with great stuff for Marnie to be doing." Williams has reason to be effected, as her character development in Season 2 was largely centered around the development of that relationship. Critics have also responded well to Williams' growth as Marnie over this past season, even generating Emmy buzz for the young actress. 

It seems Williams has total faith in Dunham's ability to execute a great third season, and Dunham remains confident in her ability to find an "emotionally honest" way to end Marnie and Charlie's relationship. While they are currently filiming and have yet to set a premiere date for Season 3, Boardwalk Empire's Michael Zegen will reportedly be joining the cast. Fans don't know where Marnie's story will now go, but one thing is for sure: if they can trust Dunham with their tattoos, they'll definitely trust her to create a great upcoming season, despite challenges.

Watch Marnie and Charlie at the end of Season 2, where it's clear that the relationship was developing in a direction that will not be explored in Season 3.