Selena Gomez Spotted at Beyonce's Concert!
Singer and actress not happy to see paparazzi

Selena Gomez is clearly over being photographed during her off-time! The Spring Breakers star was spotted attending Beyonce's concert at the Staples Center in Lost Angeles on July 1st! She DID NOT attend with Justin Bieber, and instead chose to make it a girls-night out! Unlike Justin, Selena seems to be making the most of her newly single life by hanging with friends. 

Selena dressed up in rocker-chic for the concert, looking fit in her jean shorts and black leather vest, but she didn't seem happy to see the paparazzi. She kept her face covered with her purse whenever possible, and wore large sunglasses. Neither did much to hide her identity, and Selena struggled to make her way to her car with the press hounding her. Eventually she asked, "Can you please be like... decent human beings and help me?" Maybe she was asking for them to move out of the way so she could leave, because when one of the photographers said, "Can you smile right here, please?" she responded with "No, because you suck!" Soon after she managed to escape and drive away. 

Watch the video below to see Selena's visible frustration with the paparazzi!