Kristen Stewart Loses Her Cool
Actress unsurprisingly lashes out at the paps

Kristen Stewart has had enough of the paparazzi invading her privacy...and justifiably so. The actress lost her temper after someone, possibly one of the paps, wrote, "I heart Rob" on the hood of her dirty truck. Naturally, the paparazzi were on hand to snap pictures of her at the scene of the crime, and she finally lost it, shouting "f**k you!" at the photogs. 

The entire incident was caught on video, and whoever was behind the camera certainly thought the trick was clever, giggling as they waited for Kristen to make an appearance. The guy taping seems like he might be the culprit behind the message, since he's incredibly pleased with Kristen's negative reaction to the writing. 

The actress is currently filming Camp X Ray, an indie film about Guantanamo Bay. Her relationship with Robert Pattinson has been far more talked about than her current film projects, however, as the two reportedly split in May. Neither have confirmed the breakup, but Robert was seen moving out of their apartment, so the foregone conclusion is that Robston is over. 

Watch the video below to see Kristen's reaction.