Chris Brown Throws Up Deuces to Monsters!
He's moving on to something better, better, better...plain walls

Not only has Chris Brown said bye bye to Rihanna, he has parted ways with his four graffiti monsters.

The musician spray painted the 8ft high bright and sharp toothed creatures on the side of his $1.5 million dollar home in April, expressing his passion for art. After receiving complaints from neighbors explaining that children were afraid of the monster mural, Brown was fined $376 for unpermitted and excessive signage.

He paid the fine, but decided to file an appeal to support his rights from the first amendment. The artist, known for his temper, took to his Twitter page to vent about the stir up, "It's art. There are scarier creatures on Harry potter. Get a fu*cking life!" and "ima paint until my hands fall off." Well it seems to appear that Brown's hands have perhaps "fallen off" after three workers were seen covering up the mural on Thursday.