Amanda Bynes is Finally Placed on Involuntary Psychiatric Hold
Her uncontrollable behavior goes up in flames!

After months of excessive and erratic behavior, Amanda Bynes has finally been put on involuntary psychiatric hold. The troubled child star’s road to rock bottom was halted on Monday night, after allegedly starting a fire in a residential driveway. The 27-year-old actress, who found fame in 1999 on “The Amanda Show” on Nickelodeon, has over recent years, spiraled completely out of control.

With an unsurprising decline in professional opportunities, the starlet spends her spare time tweeting about her fellow celebrities being ugly (including her parents), or her apparent “birth defect” which required unnecessary plastic surgery. She was also recently arrested after throwing a bong out of her Midtown apartment window, in the presence of NYPD officers.

However her unpredictabe antics may have finally come to an end, after she was found standing beside a burning fire at a house in Thousand Oaks, California. She was subsequently questioned by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department who determined she required hospitalization, so she could undergo mental evaluation. She is currently being retained on a 5150 hold which can last up to 72 hours. This time allows professionals to determine the mental competency of the individual. In the 24 hours preceding her detention she was also refused entry to a Thousand Oaks retirement home as she was allegedly drunk.  


On the brightside, her family and friends can finally breathe a sigh of relief. They have expressed repeated concern regarding the former child star’s mental health, but as the star is legally an adult, there has been very little they could do.

Let’s just hope, with these most recent turn of events, she receives the necessary care and help she requires. We wish you all the best Amanda!