Trapped in the Closet, The Saga Continues.
The R&B soap opera returns

In the world of R&B star R.Kelly, you can be trapped in the closet for eight years.  It has been almost a decade since the last “Trapped in the Closet” installment - so long, that most of us probably do not remember what occurred in the last chapter. But don't worry, another chapter is on it's way!

After a very long hiatus, R. Kelly is coming back with Chapter 33, starring himself as Sylvester, and Eric Lane as his right hand man, Twan.

This is the first of about 50 more chapters that R. Kelly fans will be able to enjoy over the next few years. Mr. Kelly revealed last year that he has 85 chapters he’s been working on. He’s also talking about bringing his series to Broadway.

Say what you want about R.Kelly, but you have to admit that he is a musical genius and an innovator. Trapped in the Closet was  groundbreaking and unheard of; it was an R&B musical meets daytime soap opera. When it made its debut in 2005, people would tune in every week to see what drama was in store for the next chapter. But after chapter; the series started to lose its focus. The once compelling and twisiting plot became bizarre and confusing. However, with some years passed, maybe the new chapter will be incredible, and it is definitely worth a shot!

Broadway could also be a great move for R.Kelly, especially if he sticks to the original coherent story.  

The real question is, will we ever get out of the closet?..closet...closet