The Kanye West Show?
Sorry, he had the best shelved pilot of all time...


Long before he was the unorthodox Yeezus we all know him as today, Kanye West was just that college dropout with the immaculate rap flow. But, did you know that Mr. West has a shelved HBO pilot from 2007?

Last week, comedian Wyatt Cenac presented an unexpected screening of Yeezy’s unreleased comedy series, (yes comedy series) during his weekly Night Train showcase in Brooklyn.  Once upon a time, the Chi-Town MC took the art of comedy as seriously as he takes the egotistical work of art he calls, himself.

Cenac was in the original pilot, and he recalls Kanye’s vision for the series was a rather broad one. “He kept talking about Curb Your Enthusiasm, and he was also like, “This is also kind of like my version of Entourage,” but according to Cenac, he was also realistic about his own skills: “Kanye knew he wasn’t a good improviser. He’d read something that Seinfeld said about surrounding himself with better talent and that he would rise to the occasion. And so that was his hope."  

The lost episode emulates a plotline inspired by Kanye’s own chaotic life.  The skits consist of conceit and unrelatable situations…along with poor acting ( hence the shelving of the comedic venture). In the end, there were a lot of disagreements between West and HBO and the episode never go to bless the airwaves.

Glad Kanye stuck to his day job. Besides, Kanye in real life is way more entertaining.