Rihanna Wins $5 Million Lawsuit Against Topshop!
After Topshop decided to sell t-shirts with Rihanna's face sans her approval, the popstar fought back

In addition to her multiple Grammy awards, Rihanna can now add her recent lawsuit win to her resume!  On July 31 a judge ruled in her favor in the battle between her and major British clothing company, Topshop. Back in May, the singer reportedly claimed a lawsuit against the major retailer declaring that the shirts they were selling printed with her face, were being sold without her permission.  The oversized jersey displays Rihanna’s face from a shot of her 2011 hit We Found Lovemusic video


After investigation, British Justice Colin Birss reached a final conclusion on the case, stating,  "The mere sale by a trader of a T-shirt bearing an image of a famous person is not, without more, an act of passing off," writes the justice. "However the sale of this image of this person on this garment by this shop in these circumstances is a different matter...Although I accept that a good number of purchasers will buy the T-shirt without giving the question of authorization any thought at all, in my judgment a substantial portion of those considering the product will be induced to think it is a garment authorized by the artist.. I am quite satisfied that many fans of Rihanna regard her endorsement as important. She is their style icon.”

In other words looks like our badgalriri just became $5 million dollars richer. Guess if you can’t stop them, sue them!