The VMA’s – Oh the Reactions!
The wow& wtf moments of last night..


The annual MTV VMAS took place last night at the Brooklyn Barclays Center. This year the VMAS was more of a circus act than an actual award ceremony; there were a lot of random and excting moments that took place that will have us talking about it for the next couple of weeks...and maybe even years.

 Here is a brief summary of the bizarre antics and reactions of yesterday:

  Lady Gaga

The usually provocative singer was shockingly tame for her comeback to the VMAs stage and performance of her new single, "Applause." Lady Gaga opened the VMAs in white cardboard box. There was no meat dress or blood (like previous years), but the diva went through a number of costume changes during her act, eventually ending up in a mermaid inspired bra and thong.














 Watch Lady Gaga's performance:


The Miley Fiasco

Miley Cyrus gave us a rather peculiar performance of her song “We Can’t Stop." While viewers at home had their reactions to Hannah Montana gone wild, her celebrity counterparts’ feedback was more humorous:
































Watch Miley's performance:


Troubled Taylor

 Back in 2009, Taylor Swift’s  VMA moment was stolen by Kanye West; fast forward four years later Taylor ruins her own moment by condescendingly dedicating her award to her ex Harry Styles. During her speech, she said, "I want to thank the person that inspired this song - and he knows exactly who he is - because I got one of these!"  Taylor’s Harry bashing didn’t end there--when One Direction presented Selena Gomez with "Best Pop Video" for "Come and Get It," cameras caught a peek of Swift allegedly mouthing the words, "shut the f*ck up" (gasps):









One of the best performances of last night was of course, the dubbed “president of pop” himself Justin Timberlake. Justin gave us a spectacular and memorable performance that literally stole the show.  The crowd went wild when NSYNC reunited.

Watch NSYNC's performance:

 Can't wait to see what is in store for next year!