Kate Upton Destroys Jimmy Fallon in a Game of Flip Cup
The just turned 21-year-old supermodel is a natural at her first drinking game

During an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, supermodel Kate Upton was challenged by host Jimmy Fallon to a game of flip cup. For those unfamiliar with the drinking game (such as Upton), flip cup is where an equal number of plastic cups filled with beer are placed in front of each opponent. Each person then needs to chug the beer. When finished, the cup is placed at the edge of the table and the player attempts to flick the bottom of the cup until it flips and lands face down. So why hasn't Upton played this game that's so popular on college campuses across the country? She tells Fallon, "I didn't go to college. This is what I missed out on. Drinking games!"

Upton gets off to a rocky start as she struggles to flip over her first cup and Fallon takes the lead. But once she gets the hang of it, Upton smoothly flips the remaining cups, causing the embarrassed Fallon to yell, "Stop it!" After Upton flips her final cup, she does a victory dance, then playfully offers to help Fallon with the rest of his cups.

Upton just turned 21 in June, so she's new to the world of drinking games (legally anyway), but appears to be quite the natural. What will they do for her next appearance on the show... beer pong?


Watch Kate Upton school Jimmy Fallon at flip cup: