Britney's Tough Break
Ticket sales may prove that she is no longer the Queen of Pop

On Good Morning America last week, Britney Spears officially announced her approaching two-year residency at Las-Vegas' Planet Hollywood, launching December 27. Social media was abuzz with the news, tabloids couldn't be happier, tickets were on sale, God smiled down upon us and all was okay.

And then we learned yesterday that the ticket sales for Britney: A Piece of Me have been rather underwhelming, with only 3 shows having yet sold out.

Such news is surpring, and upsetting, to both fans and investors alike. Britney is slated to perform 50 shows each year, showcasing hits off her yet-to-come 8th album, as well as the beloved classics. However, with such mediocre debut sales, the worth of the $30 million price tag attached to the star is questionable. 

Listen, Britney fans, we know you are out there: help bring pop's reigning queen back to the throne. Tickets for this can't miss show can be purchased here.