Steve Carell Has Beef with His Neighbor... Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus claims that Steve Carell gives her the "stank-eye" because she drives too fast

In the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone, Miley Cyrus dishes on her relationship with various celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West. However her most humorous tidbit involves her neighbor, comedic actor Steve Carell. Cyrus admits that she's not the best driver, a problem that irritates the funnyman.

She explains:

"[Steve Carell] always gives me the stank-eye because I drive so fast. The other day I was trying to reverse and I almost hit a thousand things, and I was getting nervous because I could see him going” — she crosses her arms and lets out a big, annoyed sigh. “I’m like, oh, my God, Dan in Real Life is watching me right now!”

It's kind of odd that Cyrus' frame of reference in describing Carell is Dan in Real Life, almost as if she doesn't really know who he is. Has she not seen The OfficeThe 40-Year-Old Virgin, or Anchorman? Carell has young children which is presumably why he's so concerned over the pop star's erratic behavior behind the wheel. Or perhaps he simply isn't a fan of twerking.

Check out this funny Vine video which sums up the situation:

And while we're on the subject, watch Cyrus' provocative new music video in which she pays tribute to Michael Jordan: