James Taylor Fubs the National Anthem
Star Spangled confusion

James Taylor has had a very successful music career which has lasted for decades, but sometimes even a seasoned pro like him can still have a short mishap. He had been invited  to sing the National Anthem at the World Series game 2 in Boston. When it was cue to sing the song, instead of starting out with the correct lyrics for “The Star-Spangled Banner”, he started singing the words for “America the Beautiful”. Oops.

James quickly recovered from the mistake and did end up sounding great. Later on during the seventh inning stretch, he performed the entire “Americathe Beautiful” song, which explained why he had gotten confused earlier. You can check out the video below.

Fans at the game did cut James a lot of slack for his mistake. James is after all 65 years old and is in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. To read his bio and check out his music you can go to his official website.