Justin Timberlake's New TKO Video Premieres!
Justin Timberlake and Riley Keough star in this revenge driven, murder mystery music video














The sexy and  scruffy Justin Timberlake brings us another movie-like music video, complete with plot twists, superb acting, mystery, and sex. Seriously, get out your popcorn for this one folks. Timberlake teamed up with director Ryan Reichenfeld to write the story behind the video. We've all been there- you're stuck in a relationship that seems to just be dragging you down. Well this video tells the story of this kind of relationship, except that JT is literally being dragged down a cliff. This girl sure takes revenge seriously.

The video opens up to JT tied to the back of a pickup truck and being dragged across the desert floor. So of course we're all wondering, how did he get there? Flip on over to Riley Keough, his sexy co-star with an insatiable appetite for revenge. Their relationship is a toxic one. One minute they're cuddled up on the couch, then they're screaming at each other and throwing food around, and then they're having rough make up sex in the kitchen. Keough's character finally decides enough is enough and takes matters into her own hands to end the relationship. Take a look at the killer video and watch the action unfold yourself.