5 Spot-On Celebrity Costumes That We Wish We Could Have
Who do celebrities dress up as? Each other, of course!
In light of recent uproar over certain costume choices (hint: if you're wondering if you should go in blackface tonight, the answer is no) here is a healthy list of alternatives sported by our favorite celebs.  Their constumes are hilarious, accurate, daring, and offend no one (grandparents don't count).
5. Paris Hilton As Miley
Taking a page out of Ms. Cyrus's book, the heiress stepped out dressed like the starlet during her scandalous VMA performance in September.  Thankfully, she left the foam finger at home.
4. Miley Cyrus as Li'l Kim
The pop star paid homage to her predecessors by cloning the rapper's outfit at the 1999 VMA's.  Considering Miley's penchant for the risque, this suits her quite well.

3.  Ellen DeGeneres as Nicki Minaj
The comedian-turned-talk show host brought out her super bass in a nod to the chart-topping rapping maven.  Apparently the costume drew praise from Minaj herself.

2.  Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson
We didn't know that Matt was such a Baywatch fan.  And we're not sure we needed to know.

1. Martha Stewart as Martha Stewart
Sometimes, you are your own best costume.

Happy Halloween!