Family Guys Says Farewell to Brian
The beloved Brian gets killed off the show

After 11 seasons of witty sarcasm, clever references, and beloved moments with Stewie- Family Guy has decided to kill off one of their major and most beloved characters. Brian, who served as the Griffin family's faithful dog, met his demise in Sunday night's episode "Life of Brian." In the episode Brian gets hit by a car (and then kicked by a squirrel for humorous effect.) The Griffin family says a tearful goodbye to Brian at the Veterinary Hospital as he lays on the table breathing his last breaths. His last words to the Griffins were  "You've given me a wonderful life. I love you all."

Of course fans are outraged at the death of dear Brian. A petition on Change.org, launched  by Alabama-based fan Aaron Thompson, asks MacFarlane and Fox to bring Brian back. It has already amassed over 1,600 signatures. Fans seem even more disgruntled by the fact that Brian is being replaced by a new dog, Vinnie, who will be voiced by the Sopranos actor Tony Sirico. 

But before you get too sad and start sending hate mail to Seth MacFarlane , we might have some news to cheer you up. There are rumors that Brian will make a comeback on the show. Is it possible that Stewie fixes his time traveling machine and prevents Brian from dying in the first place? After all it's a cartoon, anything can happen right?