Re-Cap of National Beyoncé Week
Guess who's having the best week ever...


 It's been exactly a week since Beyoncé dropped her self-titled album, completely shocking us all. Without even a peep from Bey or her team, she unleashed an incredible visual album that completely turned the world into crazed Beyoncé obsessed fanatics! Waking up on Friday the 13th without even the slightest clue that Christmas came early, we opened our iTunes and let Queen Bey take over control. 

From her sexy music videos to her catchy songs, such as, "Drunk in Love", "Partition" and "Flawless", this album is has even sparked a national hashtag on twitter called #BeyonceThinkpieces which has everyone analyzing her latest masterpiece. 

To put it simply, this album made everyone want to be Beyoncé!

Since the album dropped everything has coming up Beyoncé . The internet is buzzing with reviews, articles, memes, tweets and more. Jokes about the magnitude of Beyoncé have been popping up left and right like "This is Beyoncé's world and we're all just living in it" and Power 1051's Breakfast Club even joked around about her secret album release saying "Who does she think she is? Beyoncé?" Referencing the fact that no other artist could have pulled this off with such success. 

 So if you're just waking up from the hangover of your Beyoncé binge here's a little re-cap:


Beyoncé breaks records with her self-titled album with 617,213  purchased in its first three days! 








Madonna attends Beyonce's concert and Bey gives her daughter Mercy a kiss while performing!

And of course, some of our favorite memes and tweets:


During her private album release party at Dave & Buster's this adorable vine happened as well...









Ellen Degeneres tweets a hilarious parody of Beyonce's album cover













This amazing Buzzfeed post depicting our favorite Disney princesses as Beyonce!



































































Make sure to check out Joonbug's review here of Beyonce's album as well!


At this point in her career all we can do is bask in her flawlessness. America may not have royalty, but we've certainly crowned our Queen.