The Top Ten Television Shows of 2013
Joonbug recaps which shows stood out as brilliant during 2013

Breaking Bad

Five intense seasons filled with edge -of -your- seat drama came to an end this year for fans of Breaking Bad. We watched as Walter White transformed from sickly, dying cancer patient to badass druglord. More than 10 million households tuned in to watch the finale, which portrayed the heroic fall of our favorite meth kingpin and still left us with a bunch of burning questions. Great writing indeed Vince Gilligan.



The Walking Dead

Zombies seemed to be the stars of both television shows and films this past year. But no one did the zombie apocalypse better than The Walking Dead. This past season was filled with a bunch of action, from the loss of some our favorite characters who turned, to the return of the Governor, to the tragic and gruesome assassination of Hershel. The mid-season finale, full of a generous amount of blood and carnage, left us cringing and anxious for what's to come in January. 



American Horror Story: Coven

The masterminds behind American Horror Story prove to get more clever and grotesquely creative as the seasons go on. Using some of the same characters each season (which confuses the hell out of us, but we still love it) they craft some of the eeriest stories on television. This year they premiered their new season Coven, which features witches living in New Orleans who get into the craziest situations. Picture a voodoo queen with a taste for vengeance, a witch hunter on a rampage , a bunch of people being risen from the dead, and a group of young witch girls trying to figure out their powers all wrapped into one. 2014 is going to get even bloodier and more horrifying for this sinfully exciting show. 



Orange is the New Black

The Netflix original drama made us laugh, cry, and even cover our faces in embarrassment as we followed Chapman's life in a women's federal prison. The diverse and rich cast really made the show one of the most popular of 2013. From "crazy eyes," who plays an inmate obsessed with Chapman, to Alex who had a mysterious lesbian love affair with the main character, to Pennsatucky who is a Jesus-obsessed drug addict set on taking Chapman down, the character developments get as crazy as the story line itself. 


This political drama had everyone talking this year. The show got even more scandalous during season 3 as Olivia Pope was outed as the President's mistress, causing Pope & Associates to hang on for dear life as they slowly lose their clientele base. Olivia Pope seems to have the power to get out of any scandal, but can she work her magic on this one?




Person of Interest

Secret identities, CIA agents, mysterious billionaires- all the ingredients to the perfect crime drama. Technology that can predict and help prevent crimes... it gets even better. 2013 saw the loss of Carter but 2014 has so much more in store for the characters.






Sons of Anarchy

In this past season of the motorcycle gang drama, Jax is now reigning as the President- but he's as corrupt as ever. He's given up on his own men and betrayed his family. 2014 is a look forward to the final season of the show- we're hoping Jax gets it together by then. 




Mad Men

Mad Men seems to get better with age, just like its sexy male characters. Season Six of Mad Men was one of the most interesting yet for the fellows at Sterling Cooper & Partners. We're looking forward to more crime, sex, and violence next season.

The Americans

Keri Russell and Philip Jennings deliver some of the most compelling performances as Soviet spies posing as an ordinary American married couple set during the Cold War period in the 1980s. Makes you think twice about who your next door neighbors are doesn't it? 




The Blacklist

The Blacklist was a newcomer in 2013, but it can definitely keep up with the best of them. The show follows Raymond "Red" Reddington, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, who surrenders to the FBI in exchange to help them capture the most dangerous and cruelest criminals and terrorists in the world. He teams up with a rookie FBI profiler to create an interesting match that takes down these global criminals whose names he keeps on what he calls "the blacklist."