Predicting the Party: Joel McHale & Donald Glover
The Community comedians are heading to Vegas this weekend. But what will they do?

This Friday, April 30 Community stars Joel McHale and Donald Glover are performing at Mandalay Bay. These two hysterical hotties are both on my list of future boyfriends, so I obviously have spent a lot of time thinking about where to best stalk them during there time here in Sin City. I actually met Donald once, too so I already have an ice breaker prepared. He told me I was a "sexy Fievel" for Halloween, words which I cherish and shall be proudly displayed as my tombstone epitaph. I also know Joel is happily married with two kids, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

Anywhoo, I should probably tone down the creeping and get back to the point. While pondering my stalking agenda this weekend I came up with my predictions as to how they will, or at least should, spend their time in Vegas.

(Since the next show listed for Joel isn't until May 7 and I have no idea what Donald's schedule is, I'm just going to pretend that they are arriving Friday and leaving Sunday.)


I can only assume that the pair is staying in Mandalay where they're performing on Friday. I think this will be a good fit for them. Mandalay is modern, hip, and all about excess. It's a great example of what Las Vegas is all about without being too kitsch. Because their time is limited I doubt they'll check out all of the Bay's ammenities, but I hope that they make sure to at least take a peek inside Shark Reef (they have a Komodo dragon! Can't see that at CityCenter, now can you?)


Friday night: Since they'll probably be decently rushed before the show I'd recommend just popping down to the Burger Bar inside Mandalay Bay. It can sometimes be a little bit of a wait for a table, but no lines are just one of the perks of being a celebrity. They could also always try sitting at the bar like us regular folks do when we can't get a table. But table, bar, it doesn't really matter as long as they order some sweet potato fries. They truly make the meal and I'm salivating just thinking about them.

Saturday night: You can't go to Vegas anymore and not check out the infamous CityCenter. So why not sightsee, wine and dine all at once? The Spanish tapas at Julian Serrano in Aria are a great example of high-end comfort food done right. The restaurant is luxurious, but cozy and the perfect atmosphere for Joel and Donald's budding bromance.


The Bellagio's Fountains Brunch on Sunday is a personal favorite of mine. You really can't go wrong watching the iconic fountain show while sampling the incredible cuisine.

For Saturday Brunch, I'd expect them to probably want to rest up a little after their late-night celebration and recover for a big day of Strip-seeing. I'd keep it in the Bay and go to House of Blues for some good Southern comfort food. Nothing too fancy for their hungover stomachs, but delicious nonetheless.


The recurring joke with Joel McHale's character Jeff Winger on Community is his narcissism, so automatically Vanity popped into my head as the go-to spot for the funnymen. Then after further consideration, I realized the bedazzled club might be a little to flashy for them and that the simple chic of PURE would be a better fit. The dress code is the perfect mix of fashion and casual, much like the guys themselves. Plus, Mya will be hosting a party at PURE on Saturday and for some reason I get the feeling that Donald is a big fan of her. As long as she doesn't show him why her "love is like WHOAH" (that's my job) I think PURE would be the perfect Saturday night spot.

And as for Friday, I think the twosome will want to ride on the high of their show by heading over to one of the hippest spots on the Strip: Tao. The Asian-influenced is both sensual and exciting. Plus, it's one of the hottest celebrity hangouts in Vegas. They'd be crazy not to go.

I wouldn't be too surprised if after Tao they wanted to make one more stop. LAVO would be the perfect ending to the night with its intimate club setting inspired by European bathhouses.

Pool Party

The pool season here in Vegas is just getting started. Unfortunately, they'll probably be long gone from the Strip before Rehab on Sunday (my top pick for the pair since the attached Skybar provides a nice refuge from the typical Vegas tomfoolery of Rehab). That's the problem with predicting a pool party venture. I honestly think they'd both have a better time shopping during the day and saving any partying for the night. So I say skip the pool party and spend that cash!


Vegas wouldn't be Vegas without Cirque du Soleil, but with so many different Cirque shows it can be hard to choose. I'll stick with my gut on this one and say they should check out LOVE. I feel like both guys have a deep-rooted appreciation for the classics and they totally give of a music lovers vibe (Donald is actually a rapper, and a surprisingly good one at that). Viva Elvis isn't quite as refined as it should be, so LOVE makes perfect sense. They couldn't really go wrong with any of the Cirque shows though (except Believe, that is) and I'd be shocked if they didn't check out at least one during their stay.


Both men have very different styles. Joel is quite metrosexual-casual while Donald is more of a black nerd/hip-hopster (that's a hip-hop/hipster if you couldn't figure it out). Luckily, Vegas has enough different shopping outlets to cover everyone's needs. But a surefire bet for both men is definitely the recently opened Louis Vuitton store in Crystals. It's the largest LV in all of North America, but hopefully they won't get overwhelmed by the size and forget to check out all the other designer outlets inside Crystals.

If they don't overdo themselves at CityCenter there's also Valentino's Zoot Suit Connection and Fruition for the best-of-the-best vintage clothing that, like a fine wine, has only gotten better with age.