Post-Break-up Paris Goes to Rehab, Celebrates Vanity
"I love coming to Vegas...It's so good to be single and enjoy it without having to worry about anything."

Paris isn't letting the dissolution of her 14-month relationship with Doug Reinhardt get her down. This is the second time we've seen the heiress in Las Vegas in the past few weeks.

It was during her last trip here that the rumors regarding Paris' supposed relationship with Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush surfaced. The two both were at two Vegas birthday parties that weekend for Mark Sudach and Jason Strauss where they apparently shared champagne and more But eye-witness Robin Leach assures that the couple didn't even speak to each other, and I'd believe Robin if he told me Johnny Weir was straight. That's how reliable he is.

Paris also sent out the following message via Twitter: "The story is a ridiculous lie. It's 100% false. Can't a girl have a night out in Las Vegas with her sister without fake stories being posted?"

The answer to that question is a definite "no." Not when you're Paris Hilton, at least.

Even with all the rumors swirling about and speculation about her and Doug's break-up, Paris still seems to be loving her life at the moment.

"I'm over that already. I'm better off being single for now," Paris said, not mincing words. "I'm having a lot of fun being single, and I'm staying that way for quite a while. Eventually, there'll be that somebody special who loves me for who I am and not what I represent. For now, it's about my family, my work and myself. I'm just too busy for something serious again."

"For the next six to 12 months, I don't expect to get all involved again. Yes, I'll go out on dates and party, but I'm just having too much fun again. I'm past that one, deserve better and am moving on."

And Vegas seems to be playing an important role in Paris' post-Doug happiness.

The party girl arrived by private jet Saturday afternoon with her sister Nicky and friend Brandon Davis. The trio then went immediately to the Hard Rock Hotel where they received the services of Michael Boychuck and members of his team from Color salon in Caesars.

The group met up with Adrian Grenier and his date as they entered the mega-club Vanity.

"They partied right through the night," reported an eye-witness. "Paris and Nicky didn't worry at all about getting any rest before the next afternoon's Rehab appearance, while Adrian stayed pretty low-key and left with his girlfriend to play blackjack in a high-limit room at the casino."

The Hilton sisters hung out with rapper-producer Lil Jon and actor Cedric Yarbough. They ended up in the deejay booth with DJ Eric DLux where they just went wild and partied into the night.

"Paris wore a black and white striped shimmy dress that left nothing to the imagination. She's obviously proud of her slimmed-down body after the breakup, and she's promoting her new line of push-up bras. So there was a lot of flash and flesh! She was all smiles all night long and even hugged her arms around the deejay's neck. You can easily tell she's enjoying her freedom and being single again because she kept the party going until nearly 6 am"

After pulling an all-nighter at the club, Paris didn't have a lot of time to recuperate before she had to be at Rehab on Sunday afternoon.

But Paris arrived pretty in pink and made her way through the colossal crowd, stopping to pose for pictures with fans along the way to her lavish VIP cabana.

Apparently not worn out from Vanity, Paris proceeded to spend the day dancing and amping up the crowd. And when the socialite got a bit overheated, she cooled off by rubbing ice cubes all over her body.

According to one of her party friends, Paris "got on the mic and had the adoring half-naked fans join her for Patron shots when she asked the deejay to play LMFAO's ‘Shots,' which also features Lil Jon, who she'd partied with earlier at Vanity. Paris danced away again, bouncing on two day beds as her entourage enjoyed several bottles of Patron. Paris was as wild and as enthusiastic as the crowd.

"Rehab is an incredible party every week -- there's nothing like it on Earth. But Paris just added to the sensational scene and sizzle. She made it beyond extraordinary. It just doesn't get any wilder than this!"

Then at 6 pm the next day, she was gone. But I get the feeling that's not the last we'll see of newly single Paris this summer.

"I love coming to Vegas," she said. "It's always a party, and everybody always has a great time. This was one of the great weekends. It's so good to be single and enjoy it without having to worry about anything."