Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up!


Ey, never thought we'd have to thank Canada for anything, but these season finale episodes are definitely worth it! THANK YOU

Other attention-directing gossip:

Ashley Olsen emergency landing - United Airlines flight was forced to take an emergency landing because of a fire in the cockpit, but all is safe.

Britney Spears new boy toy - Britney Spears was found clinging to Phil Maloof at Drai's Hollywood all night, nothing romantic, but who knows!

Gaga & Christina - Christina tries to take out the flame by saying, "there's enough space on an iPod for both our music."

Jennifer Hudson's wedding bells - Jennifer Hudson has been engaged for 20 months, but the wedding is soon!

Jim Carrey's spontaneous music video - Jim Carrey breaks out in lyrics as a cry for attention.

Juan-Carlos Cruz hiring homeless men to kill wife - Cruz pledges not guilty after a few homeless men claimed that Cruz requested for them to cut her throat.

Kendra's sex scandal - Apparently Kendra's tears and grief over her sex tape being posted is all fake! Rumor has it that she secretly sent manager Matt Cohen to meet with Vivid in 2008 about the release of her tape.

Lindsay Lohan busts her butt - Lindsay Lohan falls on the way out of a party at Cannes. Of course this adds on her throwing a drink at a model!

LL Cool J's new curls - LL Cool J uses the women of the View as his dumbbells-Hot!

Marc Jacobs receives cocaine delivery - A female employee at the Marc Jacobs store in Soho received a package of cocaine from California which she thought was anthrax.

Miss USA 2010 Slips - Miss Michigan is crowned Miss USA 2010, despite slipping on her evening gown. On another note, she's a former pole dancing champion! Get ‘em shawty.

Nashville Relief - Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney and Sheryl Crow raise over $1.7 million for the flood in Tennessee.

Tiger Woods mistresses is caking - Jaimee Grubbs made $100,00 for selling her story, pictures, texts and voicemail from Woods and an extra $150,000 through interviews, appearances and modeling. Thank you Tiger!