Almost Famous

Which Las Vegas Staple Are You?

Having a little mid-week crisis? Let us help! Just take this short quiz to figure out exactly who you are -- in relation to Las Vegas celebrities, that is.

So say goodbye to your current identity emergency, and say hello to the four most important questions of your life!

(Ok, so that last part might have been a little over the top, but you get the point. Enjoy!)

1. How do you pick up someone of the opposite sex?

A. A coy smile, enticing laughter, and some sexy dance moves if all else fails

B. I'd just ask them on a date. Simple and direct.

C. Lock eyes from across the room and slowly approach, making sure to maintain the eye contact. Then, I'd just ask if I could buy them a drink. It's classic, and classic never goes out of style.

The City Review

This season of The City is a little better than the last. With a strong premiere last week, I have hope. The City, in case you don't know, centers around the life of Whitney Port (one of the less interesting, yet more grounded sidekicks of Lauren Conrad on The Hills). The show's downfall is while Whitney is pretty and sweet, she's also kind of boring. Unlike the sometimes too opinionated Conrad, Port has no real opinion. She uses words like "yeah" and "totally" to express herself when talking about serious business like her fashion line with her boss. If you don't know her costars already there's Olivia Palermo (token mean girl who works at Elle Magazine), Erin Kaplan (Olivia's nemesis also works at Elle), Roxie (Whitney's roommate, best friend and coworker at People's Revolution) and Kelly Cutrone (owner and boss of People's Revoultion). Tonight's episode centered around Whitney's new fashion line, "Whitney Eve."

The Hills Review

Okay, I don't know what was better, last night's episode of The Hills or the previews for next week? This week's episode brought all the drama that last week's episode was missing. Kristin Cavallari was in prime form tonight. This is the Kristin we fell in love with on Laguna Beach. The blunt, say what's on your mind, no holds barred Kristin. They said "the bitch is back" last season. Nope. She wasn't. But she's here now. So, this episode Kristin is still fending off the rumors that she has a coke problem.

James Franco Gives A Glimpse Behind The Scenes At SNL

As a big fan of Saturday Night Live, I've always wished they'd show the process of how each episode is created, or how they decide which sketches would make the air and which get the ax. Thanks to James Franco, we finally will get a glimpse into the madness of a weeks work at SNL.

The documentary Saturday Night, which debuted at this years Tribeca Film Festival, started out as one of Franco's student projects for NYU's Tisch program - a seven-minute short about cast member Bill Hader.

There's always been an interest to film the making of an episode, Franco explained how there've been other attempts to capture the chaos, "Lorne told me that D.A. Pennebaker actually asked once to do a documentary, back in the '70s, and he said no. So I was very fortunate he said yes."

Are Danielle Staub's Days Numbered On The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Could it be? Could Danielle Staub be getting kicked off The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Teresa Giudice was really excited when she spoke to Chaunce Hayden about the possibility of Staub being MIA from the third season of the show. Umm if there IS a third season.

"Bravo doesn't want you to print anything that's too controversial about Danielle because the more controversy there is between us and her, the more they feel forced to keep her on the show. But they're trying to get rid of her. They want to phase her out. So please don't mention her if you can avoid it. At least nothing controversial between me and her. The less we talk about her, the faster she'll be gone. Bravo doesn't want her anymore. It doesn't make sense to have her on the show. We don't hang out with her. So what's the point?" [Steppin Out Magazine]

Sounds like a publicity stunt to me. I'm just saying... And what is up with Teresa's face? Girl you need to rest because those bags under your eyes are fierce!

Diddy Is About To Bring You The Most Positive Inspirational Blog In THE WORLD!!!

Now don't get me wrong, no one, and I mean no one, loves Diddy more than I do. But have you SEEN the trailer for his new blog? That's right I said trailer for his blog.

He is officially out of control. The trailer shows clips of Martin Luther King Jr., President Obama, Will Smith as Mohammed Ali, soldiers, people fighting for civil rights, the whole nine yards.

WHAT THE HELL DO THESE THINGS HAVE TO DO WITH DIDDY'S NEW BLOG?!?!? Apparently this blog is going to inspire. Well Diddy sure as hell inspires people. We already know he inspires Ke$ha.

Devorah Rose Is Not Hosting A "High Society" Finale Party. Got It? Good.

I've seen plenty of High Society final party invitations popping up and Devorah Rose wants you to know, even though her name is on the flyer, she is not hosting any of them.

She is also not hosting anything with Paul Johnson Calderon, whom she hates.

So if you were getting excited at the prospect of meeting Ms. Rose at one of tonight's events, don't hold your breath.

[Video] Conan O' Brien Speaks To 60 Minutes About His Horrible NBC Breakup

In case you've been living under a rock, here's the bullet points of the Conan v. Leno and NBC drama:

  • In a move five years in the making, Jay Leno left The Tonight Show and the 11:35pm slot was given to Conan O'Brien.
  • NBC didn't want to lose Leno to a competitor so they gave him a prime time slot.
  • Leno's ratings were awful and O'Brien's ratings were awful. (I can't speak for Leno, but I know I watched Conan online because I was out on the town while it was airing.)
  • NBC tried to "compromise" by offering Leno a 30 minute show at 11:35pm and letting O'Brien keep the Tonight name and start 30 minutes later.
  • O'Brien said no, so they gave Leno back the show, thereby screwing CoCo royally.
I feel bad for CoCo, A) because I've ALWAYS thought he was hilarious and B) because if he knew this was going to happen, I'm sure there were other opportunities he could have pursued, that may not still be on the table.
Either way, Conan is the man and I'm sure he'll bounce back. If you missed the 60 minutes segment, you can check it out below.

[Photo courtesy of AP and CBS via PopEater]


I can't even begin with this poster. It is just a hot, hot mess. Luckily, Jezebel did all the analyzing for me. But seriously if this is any indication of how the movie is going to be, I will wait for it to come on HBO.

But for realz, LOOK AT SARAH JESSICA PARKER'S FACE. She is battling Heidi Montag for face of 2010. Matt Parker and Trey Stone are going to have a FIELD TRIP with this one.

Battle of The New Jersey Housewives

Last week I learned that Danielle Staub would be hosting the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey at Barracuda in Chelsea. This week I learned that Dina Manzo will be hosting the premiere at Splash in Chelsea. This raised two questions.

I'm just saying.