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Holly Madison Celebrates Peepshow Anniversay & First Las Vegas Home

It was a big week for Las Vegas vixen Holly Madison. On April 18, Holly and the rest of the cast of Peepshow celebrated the one year anniversary of the topless revue at the Chi Theater inside Planet Hollywood. The cast were presented with a signature peepshow cake designed to look like a keyhole through which you see Holly in her sexy Bo Peep costume.

Throughout the first year, the burlesque show has featured many celebrity guest stars including, Mel B, Kelly Monaco, Shoshana Bean, and Aubrey O'Day. Holly is only contracted to Peepshow until January 2010. So sadly, this might be her last anniversary with the show.

The Final Season of The Hills Starts Tonight

Ahhh The Hills. The spinoff of Laguna Beach and the reason we have to watch The City. Tonight the final season will air on MTV and the trailer brings you up-to-date. Sure there is the drama with Lauren and Audrina and Kristin and all these other nobodies, but skip forward to 3:35 and LOOK AT HEIDI'S FACE!

She was so cute. Why did she do that to herself. It makes me sad to even watch the show. Sigh.

Say It Ain't So: John Mayer Is Thinking About Leaving The Twitterverse
  • Just had a thorough cavity search at the US customs office. Turns out I have no cavities and they even gave me a new toothbrush!;
  • Changes in life are like extra strength Gold Bond Medicated Powder. The burning means it's working.; and
  • I am my inner child's sugar daddy.
Betty White Addresses The Cougar Rumors In SNL Promo

After Betty White fans stormed the internet and demanded that she host SNL, they finally got their wish. Betty will be live from New York City on May 8th. I have no idea what they're going to have this legend say, but here is a taste.

Iron Man 2 to Feature Cameo of the Late DJ A.M.

Having played numerous celebrity parties and events for the likes of Jay Z, Madonna and Will Smith, the late Adam Goldstein's (aka DJ A.M.) influence on the entertainment world was one to be envied. From the pages of magazines to nightlife websites, Goldstein's face had been garnering heavy recognition for the past decade as he rose to fame as a well-respected DJ. But it's in Iron Man 2, this year's expected biggest blockbuster, that fans will be able to get a last glimpse of their beloved DJ.

Iron Man 2, shot two months before Goldstein's accidental overdose, features the DJ tending to the turntables during a scene at party at Tony Stark's (played by the handsome Robert Downey Jr.) house. According to the Los Angeles Times, Goldstein was only supposed to be on set for one day to shoot his scene, but because he clicked so well with the actors and director Jon Favreau, he ended up staying the week.

Dear ABC: Boobs Are Boobs, No Matter What Size You Are

Apparently there's no room for any Ds on ABC's television network. Lane Bryant, a plus size clothing and lingerie company, was hoping to air their 26-second lingerie commercial during ABC's Dancing With the Stars 8pm slot, but ABC declined, refusing to air the commercial, citing model Ashley Graham's excessive cleavage. Excessive cleavage, hm? Let's take a look at the evidence, shall we?

Not buying it? Neither did Lane Bryant.

Stylist To The Stars Book Debut

With an impressive foreward by client Jennifer Lopez, celebrity stylist and makeup artist will premier his first book "About Face," in Miami on Thursday April 29, 2010 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. The stylist will be speaking on his inspiration and his secrets on how every woman can achieve cosmetic perfection at his premier launch event at Books & Books at the Bal Harbour Shops on Collins Avenue. Be sure to stop in and get an expert opinion on your look and how to glam up your style for any occasion.

Well Kim Kardashian You Have Royally Pissed Off PETA!

Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture where she is holding a cat by it's collar and the kitty litter hit the fan.

The all-knowing PETA said "Kim Kardashian isn't the only person who mistakenly thinks that because a mother cat picks up her kittens by the scruff of the neck that a supportive hand under the rump isn't needed."

Right. Because mother cats have hands to put under their cats rumps. The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) said the way she is holding the cat is the proper way and there is nothing wrong with it.

Scott Baio, Jezebel, Lesbians and Lady GaGa: All In A Day's Tweet

We get it Charles Scott - you're in charge. But honestly? Shut up.

It would appear that Scott Baio has dug himself into a racist, sexist, politically-warped hole and cannot get himself out.

During celebrity gossip site Jezebel.com's daily "Tweet Beat" - where they post weird/ridiculous celebrity tweets from the day - site readers were blessed with an interesting tweet from their beloved Chachi: