ORCHID Premieres in Miami

Pleasure Garden Entertainment invites you to the U.S. debut of “ORCHID” in Miami. The exotic pop-culture infused cabaret, one of a kind entertainment show is set to premiere November 14th and Joonbug.com readers and fans will have the chance to take in the extraordinary performance for a mere $49 a pop compared to the standard ticket price of $79.

A contemporary throwback to the “pleasure gardens” of the 19th century, this hypnotic destination will fuse design, high-fashion, performance art, music and imaginative culinary creations. At the heart of Pleasure Garden is ORCHID, a seductive experience which mixes song, dance, burlesque, aerial acrobatics and variety arts all performed under a Cabaret Tent in Miami's Design District. The sexy experience is further enhanced by an exclusive food and beverage pop-up program developed by James Beard award winning chef, Michelle Bernstein.

Vintage Home

After many of us here in New York spent a large chunk of time away from our powerless apartments last week due to Hurricane Sandy, otherwise, in the dark (literally), it’s been welcoming and refreshing to get back to our at-home routines. Many of us are undoubtedly appreciating our cozy, full-powered abodes perhaps breeding motivation to spruce them up. Taking a vintage nod, here are our favorite at-home accessories and décor found this week:


One word, Eames! This Missouri-based design studio restores beloved vintage Eames rockers, metal lamps, schoolhouse chairs, vintage maps and more. The CoMod selection will most certainly add some style cred to your digs and you’ll become an all-things modern aficionado in no time.

Where's My F*cking Polling Place

Surely some witty webineer in a back office f*cking typing and coding away came up with this site: Yourfuckingpollingplace.com/. At the very least, it's a fun, funny, snarky way to figure out where you're supposed to vote. Let's face it, with all the frustration over the absolute clusterf*ck of trying to find out where you’re supposed to cast your ballot today, it’s good to know that at least one website has your back. Just type your address into YourFuckingPollingPlace.com and it will tell you where the f*ck you are supposed to go and if you've been living under a rock, who you can f*cking vote for.

Happy F*cking Voting!!

Mixtape Mondays 005

Although it's more than one month away, we're gearing up for New Year's Eve here at Joonbug.com, especially after our exciting announcement today that DJ Mag's number one DJ, trance sensation, Armin van Buuren will be headling THE best New Years Party on deck to close out 2012 at Pier 36. Snag your tickets and tables here, and listen to these van Buuren spun grooves to get you in the mood:

2. Armin van Buuren- Imagine

City Bartenders Give Back

Drink & Dine for Sandy Relief

Restaurants all over the city are raising funds for the Red Cross and various other Sandy relief efforts. Several are donating a portion of their proceeds while others are acting as hubs for collecting canned goods, cleaning supplies and even clothing. Here are a few spots to grab a bite that will surely do some good for those devastated by last weeks storm:

Tonight, Monday, November 5th, Anejo’s Chef Angelo Sosa alongside Jen Carroll, Kevin Sbraga and Dale Talde will prepare a meal at Anejo Tequileria in Hell’s Kitchen to help raise money for the Red Cross. The dinner will include four-courses (one from each chef) with cocktail pairings by Beverage Director, Joshua Wortman per course.

'Mad Men' Says Aloha to Hawaii for Season 6

Spoiler alert! 'Mad Men' is going tropical for Season 6 when Don Draper and his wife Megan, aka Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare take Hawaii. Brady Bunch did it. Full House did it. And, yes, that’s right, “Mad Men” is participating in the long TV tradition of a Hawaiian vacation.

Based on a series of pictures posted on Daily Mail, the characters of Don and Megan Draper look to be enjoying their time in The Aloha State, drinking tropical drinks and reading “The Inferno” on the beach. They are both wearing brightly-printed, retro swimsuits in the photos.

Though an exact date's yet to be announced, we can’t wait for the sunny, ocean and rainbow filled season premiere.

Quirky Bits & Funky Finds


“I wish I knew someone with a Muthafuckin Boat.” That’s just one of the sayings slapped on MNKR’s cozy, cotton tees. Short for Moniker, the West Coast clothing line was founded by Matt Fellows and Kandace Reuter. Great design, cool typography and clever wit are the jist of their tee philosophy.


Boy, we wish we’d had this during that one, grueling long-distance relationship. Seattle-based PillowMob literally captures your face on cushions. Design personalized pillows of friends, family, pets or yours truly. Snuggle up to them when you’re missing their faces, fill your couch with familiar faces or give them away as gag gifts.

305 Fitness

Tired of trudging along on the elliptical? Shake things up with 305 Fitness: the latest dance method sweeping the exercise world by storm offering up bomb moves, sassy instructors and booty-busting music.

305 Fitness offers workouts for those who love a good party. The action packed classes feature a DJ, glowsticks and a bartender whipping up smoothies while the classes whip booties into top shape. The average calories burned in a class is 800!

305 is also hosting pop-up work-out parties across the city, rotating the parties between lofts, nightclubs and dance studios.

For more information visit: www.305fitness.com.