Halloween Parties Primed for Naughty Revelry

We’re on the cusp of one of the coolest, most fun, goriest holidays of the year. This exact mix of appeal is what lures in the masses to hit all the hottest parties, donned in costume of course! Already gathering your group to secure tables at the best events happening in Manhattan during the holiday weekend? Here’s a sneak-peak into just a few of the top spots to hit for your Halloween pleasure:

Hosted by former Playboy Playmates Monica Leigh, Ashley Massaro, Stephanie Larimore and Courtney Culkin

For one night only, Bowlmor Times Square will transform itself into two mammoth floors of decadent debauchery at its finest delivered with loads of class and in the spirit of Halloween, a ton of trash. Just remember, you can say or do just about anything - just don’t use the “B” word (Bowling) as Bowlmor’s been converted into THE biggest party scene of the night.

Pocket Shot

Sometime’s you just need a jolt. Not the caffeinated-kind but that of the adult-friendly varietal. Enter, Pocket Shot, a plastic pouch that’s filled with your favorite spirit and conveniently fits in the pocket of your favorite pair of jeans.

Now adults with an active lifestyle have a brand new way to enjoy their favorite hard liquor, in a safe, environmentally-friendly way. That means no more hassle of carrying full size bottles, or small, breakable glass miniature bottles.

Have your fix in one shot at a time, any place, anywhere.

Spirit Day

Today, October 19th, wear and promote purple as much as possible. Join millions of people who will be donning purple for Spirit Day promoting the ban of bullying. Post photos of you and your friends wearing purple to Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #SpiritDay. And, see which celebrities and public figures are going purple at http://glaad.org/spiritday.

Millions wear purple on Spirit Day as a sign of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth and to speak out against bullying. Spirit Day started in 2010 as a response to the young people who had taken their own lives. Every year schools, sports leagues, organizations, churches, companies and stars stand up to bullying and "go purple."


“I believe that sensual products should be as desirable as the act itself,” says Ti Chang, Co-Founder and CPO (Chief Pleasure Officer) at Crave. Crave is a luxury lifestyle brand that believes intimacy should be sophisticated and classy. Made in San Francisco, the good-kind kinky company combines thoughtful design with the highest quality materials and manufacturing practices to create modern products that will undoubtedly enliven sensuality and enhance intimacy.

In a world where high-tech and luxury design seem to touch every corner of our lives, the most intimate experiences should be no exception. The dominating culture in adult products can often feel cheap and sleazy, when pleasuring yourself should only feel oh-so-good.

Weekend Picks: Club-Hop, Move to the Groove and Wine & Dine


This Friday, The Fancy Cats will be headlining at Lilium, with a special performance by SBND. And, on Saturday, Dimitry Mak will be spearheading the spin tables at the Red Room at Gansevoort Park. Get your disco pants and dancing shoes on. Also on Saturday catch TheFatRat headlining at Electric Beach at Santos Party House! The German native, now based in LA, will be bringing his infectious, funky approach to electro house to the popular weekly series.

For more information & to snag table resis e-mail Brittany@joonbug.com.

Portable Art

We’ve all heard the old adage, “The EARTH without ART is just EH.” And, we at Joonbug totally love us some art. However, as much as we peruse and eye art all over this great city, buying an actual piece doesn’t come cheap. Enter, Giant Sparrows, art-inspired iPhone 5 Cases.

That’s right, trick out your latest cellular splurge with an eclectic mix of arty cases. Giant Sparrows turns out an eclectic, mix of artists work from Van Gogh and Klimt to contemporary painters from around the world. You can even customize your own! Each design is printed on the back of the cover, allowing you to take great pieces of art with you wherever you go for just $29 - $39.95 a pop.

To order your own visit: www.giantsparrows.co.uk/.

Spirited Collaborations

Last week, we at Joonbug attended the Macallan Masters of Photography Series launch event at the Bowery Hotel that debuted the drams latest venture into collaborative territory. That's right, the beloved whisky teamed up with photographer extroidinaire, Annie Leibovitz to launch a pricey, new bottle and promotional pictorals that featured Grey's Anatomy star, Kevin McKidd. The starry soiree brought much-a-buzz to Macallan paving way for more spirited collaborations?

We guess so, since receiving word that the next venture to launch is between, Patron Spirits and world-renowned fashion designer, John Varvatos. The first-ever artist to collaborate on a new design element of the Patron bottle, to craft a limited edition bottle stopper exclusively for Patron Anejo tequila.

Two Bachelor Break-Ups & a Birth

First came controversial couple, Ben Flajnik and model, Courtney Robertson. It wasn't much surprise to fans since there was a lot of speculation while their season of Bachelor was filming. Though, we still had hope and Robertson admits, they did too, that their love was real but just didn't work. And, to Flanjik's surprise, photos of Robertson canoodling with Emily Maynard's season cast-off, Arie Luyendyk appeared on the net just days later.

Regardless, their courtship did suprisingly last longer than single mom, Emily Maynard's and entrepreneur, Jef Holm. There's no doubt that America was rooting for these two but alas rumors of the Bachelor sweetheart's supposed infedality no doubt put a spoil to their seemingly authentic love.

On the Cusp of Cool

We’re always on the hunt for fun, undiscovered fashion and recently came across some cool new finds. Check out our latest favorite, stylish picks:

Bold. Youthful. Irreverent. These are just a few of the adjectives that describe DeadBuryDead t-shirts and their respective prints. Silkscreened prints on super-soft tees, we’re obsessed!

Leggings are all the rage, especially with fall on full swing and Edge of Urge leggings happen to be funky, spunky and chalk fashionable fun. Outlandish prints include it all from geometric shapes to rainbow-hued skulls. For even more design fun, the designer behind the brand, Jessie Williams also offers her fans handcrafted accessories such as feather and quirky, mismatched charm earrings.

Beauty 101 and Beyond

Here it is, I’m exposing my best kept secret. I’m girly in every sense of the word with exception of the fact that I can’t apply make-up for the life of me (err, and I have a slight case of potty mouth). But, for real, my morning make-up routine takes about 10-minutes tops; a generous gob of SPF moisturizer, my cant-live-with-out Laura Mercier tinted foundation, my good ole MAC studio fix NC-40, Nars orgasm blush and the real inexperienced make-up artist part of the ritual, eye shadow application via index finger before finishing off my look with Dior mascara.

Work, eat, sleep, repeat, repeat, REPEAT. There ya go.