Tonight: The 3rd Annual Naked Girls Reading A Christmas Carol

Tonight marks the 3rd annual Naked Girls' reading of A Christmas Carol. The show is led by 'Nasty Canasta' who is the first ever Scrooge in the buff. "Dickens himself invented so many of our most cherished Christmas traditions," says Canasta, "and I'm sure he'd want to be part of this newest one. I'm certain he'll be standing in spirit right at our ... elbows." We're sure he will be there too, Nasty.

Naked Painted Girls Reading

Has the title caught your attention? Have you ever wondered what's sexier than seeing hot girls being intellectual? Well, the answer is nothing. October 19th marked the second anniversary of their new home with Horse Trade Theater group. UNDER St. Marks will host a year-long special event, Painted Girls Reading, showing on the third Wesnesday (9pm) of every month.

Naked Girls Reading NYC presents an intimate live event with a monthly nude literary salon featuring readings in-the-buff by local burlesque luminaries, professional librarians, authors, and other Naked Girls. Past themes have included banned books, tween lit, and holiday presentations of A Christmas Carol.