Kanye West Signs With Adidias

After parting ways with Nike, due to artisitic and contract limitations, Kanye West has now officially signed with Adidas. Known for his popular Air Yeezy Nike sneaker and his ever changing sense of style, it is obvious that Kanye has a nack for clothing and is more than willing to put his creative mind into the production of clothing. According to him, it has been his dream since he was a little kid to make clothing - clothing that is affordable while at the same time breaks the seam when it comes to innovation and style.

Kanye West Leaves Nike Signs Deal With Adidas

If you didn't get the hint from Kanye's recent rants during his Yeezus Tour that he is not happy with Nike then you've been living under a rock recently.

During his concert here in NYC Kanye ranted about a number of things--one of those things being a beef with Nike. Kanye announced during his show at MSG on Saturday, that he would make a special announcement on Monday, November 25. Kanye took to the air waves during an interview at Hot 97 last night, and officially announced that he would signing a deal with Adidas after not receiving any royalties from his sneaker deal with Nike for his Air Yeezys.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott JS Money Wings 2.0

The partnership between Adidas Originals and the amazingly witty fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, has lasted a decade-what better way to celebrate than by releasing some new “wings”? We present to you the new “Money Wings” 2.0 sneaker which features a design based on the 2003 originals from the i-sign project, the first project JS did with Adidas. Now, 10 years later, JS comes back with the idea but uses different fabric than what the original idea was based on.

Fresh Kicks Meet Even Fresher Beats

Stripes Sessions Events:

Your Wrists Are Bored: Liven Them Up with Bright, Bold Watches

Aside from being able to tell the time instantly , a bold and trendy watch is a fantastic way to complete a summer ensemble. Bright colored watches are definitely in this season and we've picked out 10 watches in dazzling colors that are sure to stand out from the crowd!


Adidas has always designed their signature watches in vibrant colors. Check out this eye-catching Adidas watch that will have you telling time in style.


NYC: Where to Party this Week


When: Jan 23, 10pm-4am

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Adidas, Eddie Huang, Max Koshkerman, James Cruickshank and Simonez Wolf with an open Ciroc bar from 10-11pm! DJ Austin Peters and DJ Vibe will be spinning all night.

When: Jan 24, 7 pm - 10 pm

Tuesday is shaping up to be a fairly tame night. Unless you're going to Nemo for an open bar and karaoke. Enjoy an hour long open bar with cocktails and Sapporo drafts and be sure to drink up so you have the guts to get on stage and make a fool of yourself. Private rooms are also available if the embarrassment is too much for you to handle. Tickets are $45.

Ab-solutely Stylish Workout Wear

Stella McCartney for Adidas' Procera Ballerina Shoes are perfect post work out footwear. Modeled after the classic ballet flat, the sporty shoes made of nylon and mesh allow your feet to breathe while an added Agion anti-microbial treatment prevents bacteria from growing. Plus for the days you're not in the gym, pair em' with your favorite jeans for a comfy and chic look.

Lululemon Chasse Tights are made from Lululemon's signature fabric and boast moisture wicking so you're not left drenched in sweat. Their snug fit ruched waistband make them flattering on any figure. To top it off, the sewn in gusset allows for greater freedom of movement and keeps fabric from bunching in uncomfortable areas. (Ahem..good-bye Camel-toe!)

Underground Style Series

When people hear about “Club Fashion Shows” they naturally think about some dingy club trying to be high fashion and to get as many people as possible in. Well folks, there is nothing dingy about the Underground Fashion Series presented by Rockit Ranch Productions. From Adidas, Furla & NARS to Sofia Vintage the Style Series has been keeping Chicagoans on their toes every Thursday night since March 31st.

The Underground Style Series is wrapping up this Thursday for a final show that will answer the question: What defines the modern man? Well you can certainly find out how the modern man keeps himself stylish with brands such as BucketFeet, Goorin Brothers and Haberdash. Trendsetters have been flocking to Underground for various reasons but now there are couple more raison d'être to attend a Rockit Ranch Productions Event. Morgan Waller has been at the helm of changing the nightlife scene with a special twist. The fashion shows are interactive, boundary pushing but most important filled with people that have a collaborative spirit to change the ordinary to extraordinary.

La Femme Deadly Venoms

And by the way, these certain artists are females. The sexual, but deviant, title they hold, gives off the vibe of an evil Cruella Deville meets the Wicked Witch of Snow White. Their name may sound sensual and poisonous, but their DJ skills on the turntables are lethal. Not to mention their eye-catching, eye-popping, urban style that meshes well with their soulful, jazz feeling and hip hop sound.

In this fashionable pack of females, their independent nature of being DJs and producing music ties in with their style. Where do these sizzling musicians get their style from? From the Fire engine red lipstick, the infamous, iconic Adidas jacket, which has been rocked in hip hop for over twenty years and their rocking sneakers, fashion really can be comfortable and not so painful. So toss off a pair of heels, slap on a pair of Nike Oceania black sneakers, that black Adidas jacket, a pair of those favorite black jeans and head straight towards La Femme Deadly Venom's sight.