Afternoon Tea at Rose House

Located in Downtown Flushing, Rose House celebrates the marriage of tea and art in its spacious setting, furnished with red leather couches and oil paintings. The atmosphere embodied elegance at its simplest: yellow lamps lent a gentle ambiance while the fresh assortment of pink and white roses made it a lovely haven for delicious English teas. Classical music hummed beneath the layer of quiet chatter that resonated around the spacious teahouse. Everything here was so delicate and the air was thick with the sweet scent of teas brewing in rose-embellished china teapots that perched prettily upon ceramic potholders.

A Little Afternoon Tea, Anyone?

The new gourmet market and cafe that opened with a bang, Gastronomie 491, recently launched Afternoon Tea. Their afternoon tea prix fixe includes a choice of eight different Le Palais des Thes tea, a selection of tea sandwiches, petite quiche, and mini pastries all for just $24. Mini pastries include a selection of croissants, scones, cookies, and Richart chocolates, of which Gastronomie 491 is the exclusive purveyor of their chocolates and macarons in New York. Afternoon tea will be served from 3-5pm daily and teas and menu items will also be available a la carte.

Local Hotspots for a Spot of Tea

Though tea has long enjoyed an understated popularity, it appears that it's now getting its righteous props. In that spirit, tea preens and postures with its pinkies up, and much like any good debutante, can be found these days making steady appearances as an A-lister at formal tables and local Main Streets.

There is nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a warm mug or in the warmer months, hearing the clunking of crystal ice cubes piled high in a tall glass of the iced variety. It seems like around every corner there’s a new tea coming to market. How does one choose between Earl Grey and English Breakfast? Chamomile or Mango Crème? White tea or green tea?

Teatime in the District
A Taste of London at this Philly Pub

The Dandelion, Stephen Starr’s latest contribution to the Philadelphia food scene, has officially set the bar for all British Pubs to come. From the décor to the creative play on traditional cuisine, this gastropub nails it. Securing a dinner reservation is a feat in itself.

Located on the corner of 18th and Sansom Streets, The Dandelion’s interior is warm and cozy thanks to artwork, furniture and decorative pieces imported from England. The first floor has two levels with both areas dedicated to drinks. The upstairs is used for sit-down dining with another small bar area located in a side room.