Weekend Picks: Dance with your Favorite DJ, Hit a Broadway Play and Get a Taste of White Gold

TGIF! See Al Pacino on Stage, Get Saucy and Don your Dancing Shoes. Here are your top weekend picks!

Groove to the Move

Los Angeles based Producer/DJ, Myndset is making some serious noise in the electronic dance music scene. His sound, a mix of electro and progressive, is best described as heavy hitting yet melodic. His eclectic remix roster includes the likes of Avicii, Deadmau5, Drake, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's, Foster the People, Gotye, Nervo, Skrillex and The Knocks. Myndset will be headlining Lilium this Friday with support from Chad Stark.

Al Pacino Owes The IRS $188K


According to official reports, the 70-year-old actor owes a lot of money to the IRS. $188.283.50 to be exact. The IRS sent him a bill for $169,143.06 of unpaid taxes in 2008 and a notice for a further $19,140.44 in 2009...

According to Al Pacino's spokesman, the one to blame for the mistake is not Pacino himself but his former business manager Kenneth Starr.

Pacino's former business manager was sentenced last week to seven and a half years in prison for a $33M Ponzi scheme. Among the celebrities scammed by Starr: Uma Thurman, Lauren Bacall, and Al Pacino.

Secrets From The DJ Booth

It’s 8:02pm, I’m walking into the grand and beautiful entrance of Salon Millesime as my phone starts to ring (I have an oldschool Jay-Z track as my ringer btw). I pick it up and it’s the manager at Millesime and he is wondering where I am. Hmm, I told him I was walking in as we speak. I’m a pretty punctual person and I was quite surprised that he was concerned about two minutes. It’s all good, however, because this manager happens to be very hot, and he can scold me for as long as he wants.

Within 5 minutes, I was all set up and ready to go. The DJ booth is on the stage in the center of the room. It stands next to a shiny, black grand Steinway piano. The room is this impressive and luxurious space and I kind of feel like I’m on the set of a Francis Ford Coppola film. I’m just waiting for a young Al Pacino to walk in and wink at me.

Star Attend the 2010 Public Theater Gala

Stars piled onto the red carpet last night in New York City for the Public Theater Gala Celebration. Attendees included Naomi Watts, Live Schreiber, Kate Walsch, Al Pacino, Lucy Liu, Josh Lucas, Kevin Spacey, Edie Falco, Amanda Peet, David Schwimmer, James Gandolfini, and Zach Braff. The gala took place at the Delacorte Theater and featured a play with Al Pacino as the star. Check out the pictures below!

Al Pacino's Coffee Break

Al Pacino was shooting a commercial at Cafe Dante today on MacDougal Street. Here are some pictures of 'the godfther' himself.

Dr. Death Hits the Big Screen

The red carpet was out, the lights were flashing, and the celebs were all pulling up in their SUVs to the Ziegfield Theatre on Wednesday for the premiere of the HBO movie, You Don't Know Jack.

Cast members including Al Pacino, Susan Sarandon, and John Goodman were all in attendence. The biggest surprise of the night was when a car pulled up and out came Dr. Death himself, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, whom the movie is based upon.

For those of you who may not know the background of the story, Jack Kevorkian was a right-to-die activist who aided in the suicides of at least 130 terminal-ill patients. Throughout his lifetime, he has been in and out of jail for his services that were not found illegal in the state of Michigan until 1998 where he publicly aired his assistance of injecting a patient representing voluntary euthanasia. Kevorkian wanted to challenge prosecutors attemping to show that he will not be stopped. However, Dr. Death as he was publicly named, spent 8 1/2 years in jail for second-degree homicide. He was released in 2007 and began to speak out again about his practices.

You're Only Supposed to Blow the Bloody Doors Off

There’s that one of those actors from Reservoir Dogs in their black suits. The one of Uma Thurman smoking a cigarette with her black bob hair cut and long legs crossed seductively. There’s also that one of Al Pacino with the machine gun, covered in blood and sweat. Then there’s the one of… you, and your friends, at 7am, the morning after the big night before, and the tagline reads… whatever the hell you want it to read. It’s your movie poster, and you are the lead role, the director, the producer, and the script-writer. Welcome to the creative force of For a meager $75, Etsy can take any image you give them, and, according to a list of preferences, likes and dislikes you have, as well as a few more intuitive questions, create the perfect cinematic rendering to commemorate that note-worthy time in your life.