Mad Sunday: Drink Like Draper

With the impending season premiere of Mad Men, it's important to plan ahead and get prepped for the big event. Luckily, you need not watch your fave show alone in your apartment this year because The Carnegie Club has an enticing offer for New Yorkers. On Sunday, April 7th, don your finest 1960s garb and head to the swanky lounge to enjoy cocktails inspired by each Mad Men character and a fine cigar or two. The selection of cocktails include The Don Draper, Betty's Bitter Rage, Liquor & Smoke (Roger), The Glass Ceiling (Peggy), The Dykeman Daiquiri (Pete), and The Firey Redhead (Joan). Get a buzz going before the big event, which begins at 8pm with the ultimate drink, The Don Draper.

Movie Theaters to Begin Serving Alcohol

If you forgot your smuggling supplies, and you don't know how you're going to survive the newest Bradley Cooper rom-com, fear no more. You might just be able to numb the pain by tossing back a beer.

A new state law will allow movie theaters to serve alcohol -- as long they "have table seating and a full restaurant menu selection."

The law will allow more venues to offer dinner and a movie with a legitimate alcohol license, and will allow theaters like Williamsburg's Nitehawk Cinema and Greenwich Village's Angelika Film Center to add alcohol to their cafe menus. But big name cinemas like AMC are also tapping the keg -- they already serve alcohol in New Jersey, and are quickly readying themselves to make their New York locations booze-friendly.

Commuters Walk With The Walking Dead

Commuters had a rough time getting to work this morning due to the walking dead swarming the streets. Dozens of zombies took to the streets of New York today either scaring pedestrians or leaving for a more amusing coffee break discussion with co-workers later on.

With bruised eyes, grimy teeth and bloody skulls, the mobs creepily 'blended in' to promote the new AMC original series, The Walking Dead.

Now don't sleep tight just yet. Zombies climbing taxis and walking the Brooklyn Bridge is just the beginning. Today's stunt is a part of a worldwide campaign that will take place in a total of 26 cities. The first cities to experience the takeover was Tapei and Hong Kong on Oct. 26. Other landmarks and cities to watch out for include the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., London's Big Ben, the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Acropolis in Athens, Munich, Madrid, Rome, Johannesburg, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Chicago and Los Angeles.

So get in the Halloween spirit and make some new friends, because The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, Oct. 31.

Top Ten Halloween Themed Shows

Step away from the snickers and replace that chocolate with the remote control. One week left before Halloween means only one more week to pack in as much Halloween themed television shows as possible. As luck would have it, some networks have pushed back their Halloween episodes until early November. So whether you're handing out the candy or eating lazily on the couch in the first week of November, Joonbug has got you covered.

Here are the top ten shows to watch in the coming weeks:

1. Glee- "The Rocky Horror Show" Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 8 p.m. on Fox

Be a Real Betty

The much-anticipated premiere of the fourth season of the AMC hit show Mad Men brings more than just tragically fabulous story lines- there is also a whole new collection of retro-chic wardrobes to look forward to! While we may not see mod mini skirts and thigh high go-go boots on buttoned-up characters, we can expect body conscious Jackie O-esque silhouettes galore for the upcoming season. Channel your Joan, Betty, or Peggy alter ego with a tailored tweed jacket, cat eye sunglasses or cherry-red lips to get that understatedly sexy 60’s feel.

New Years Eve Style

Enter 2010 in Golden Globe-winning, hit AMC show Mad Men style, or pay homage to former First Lady and trendsetter Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and be the life of the party in this dramatic, asymmetrically draped mini dress in geranium. With a neckline that enhances the body-conscious sheath silhouette, this dress (priced at $345) will transition from party to party (and if you’re lucky year to year). Like Jackie O, it will never go out of style.

New Years in New York by New Year's Eve Central

Featured Artist Profile: RJD2

It is very likely that you have heard of RJD2 (born Ramble John Krohn) and haven’t even realized it yet. The DJ/producer has been making music since the mid-nineties when he was the background DJ for the Columbus, OH, rap group MHz. His name comes from a friend’s shout-out on a rap track that stuck with him. He later released a solo “mix CD” titled Your Face and Your Kneecaps under the Fondle ‘Em record label. A year later, he signed onto Definitive Jux, the record label operated by renowned DJ El-P, and released two highly acclaimed solo records Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke. During his time on Definitive Jux, he worked with fellow Columbus MC, Blueprint, and released two albums under the collaborative title Soul Position, the second of which was released under the Rhymesayers label. He continued to work with underground rappers producing beats for Cunninlynguists, Cage, MFDoom, Diverse, Aceyalone, and also producing a cover of Radiohead’s “Airbag,” for the album Exit Music. He released his third solo album, The Third Hand, after leaving Rhymesayers for the XL Recordings label, citing an interest in making music that was more “pop-friendly.” In 2009, he left XL Recordings to create his own record label, Electrical Connections, which is expected to release his first fully independent album, The Colossus, sometime next year.